Project Galleries

 altNorm Drotning was the general contractor on a major remodel in Yarrow Point. We were so happy with his work and character that a couple years later we asked him to build 2 more homes for us - first a barn style gym and attached apartment in Cle Elum, followed by an authentic Swiss chalet next to the barn.
Norm worked well with us on design issues, always observing what we were asking for and responding. During that time he was working with his belt on, as well as doing scheduling and bookwork. Norm's personal attention to detail along with a number of exceptional local subcontractors greatly contributed to the success of our projects.

Each house Norm has done for us features quality wood-working - from exquisite inlaid floors and extensive millwork in our brick house, to an all pine paneled barn with built in bunk beds, to a squared log and timber frame chalet with picture framed solid loft railing and several other unique finish details done or managed by Norm.

I asked Norm once what he liked best about building. He replied that he liked both foundations and finish carpentry best. Now, most builders would not say that they like foundations "best"; it's like listing NFL offensive lineman as your personal favorite player rather than quarterbacks or other glory positions. But I remember Norm being most pleased indeed that he had gotten the foundation level within a eigth inch over 60 feet. Quality work only comes from quality attention to detail - first with the foundation, then with each succeeding step.

-Jack Talley